In our assortment, we have cardboard chicken buckets, fries, and many other takeout dishes in the form of fast food. We sell buckets with ready-made prints or individual graphics. These buckets are durable and at the same time have an aesthetic appearance that will help owners of catering companies and food establishments stand out from the competition in the gastronomic market. Paper packaging does not negatively affect the taste of the products. Chickens can also be served in specially designed, closing boxes that we sell. We have also prepared an offer for customers who value ecological solutions - in the Cornetdesign Shop, you can buy buckets made of brown Eko Kraft cardboard. We also offer buckets made of white cardboard>

Bucket lids

We propose open and closed versions of the buckets. To keep chicken wings, nuggets, fries, and other dishes at the appropriate temperature, it is worth closing the packaging with bucket lids, which are also available in our sales catalog..

Order now colorful buckets from the Cornetdesign Shop online store, which are a hit at many social, outdoor, and corporate events. We allow you to choose from boxes in different quantities and with different capacities.


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