At, we offer a wide range of eco-friendly disposable packaging made from cardboard. If you need packaging for fries, burgers, popcorn, or other items, you will find packaging with our suggested print, plain white, brown Kraft, or you can order your own print and branding.


  • Fries cones

    It is hard to find people who don't like fries - easy to prepare and at the same time very tasty treats made of potatoes, which conquered the hearts of many fast food lovers around the world. That's why many food establishments offer fries as an addition to other dishes or as a standalone dish. If you run a pub, restaurant, or are the owner of a street food stand that sells fries, order cardboard cones for fries in our shop. Thanks to these convenient packaging, you will be able to serve your customers your delicious dishes. Our cones are suitable for various types of fries: regular, simple, crinkled, increasingly popular Belgian fries and sweet potatoes fries as well as churros and chicken nuggets. These packaging are not only multifunctional but also handy and durable as they are made of stiff cardboard GC with a food contact certification. 

    Cones with or without sauce in different sizes

    What sets us apart from our competitors in this industry is the sale of both cones without sauce cups and cones with special sauce cups. This is an interesting option for food establishments that offer customers fries with added ketchup, mustard or fry sauce. The customer can comfortably dip their fries while the packaging remains clean from sauce. Additionally, we have cones in various colors and sizes that correspond to the weight of fries:

    • 200 ml. - for around 100g of fries
    • 350 ml - for around 150g to 200g of fries
    • 500 ml - for around 300g of fries
    • 900 ml - for around 500g of fries

    You can buy cones with many templates designs from us, but you can also order a product with an individual print that you've proposed and sent to us. You can also serve fries on paper trays that are available in our selection. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you enhance your business. 

  • Bubble Waffle cones

    Firms in the catering industry are increasingly ordering paper cones for bubble waffles in our shop. These are the best and most convenient packaging for serving customers in pastry shops and catering establishments known as bubble waffles. We provide the opportunity to buy bubble waffle cones with ready-made printing or indicated and provided by the customer. The cones are made of stiff and durable GC cardboard, which has a certificate allowing the product to come into contact with food. In our store, you can also order fries cones, ice cream cones, and cones for many other sweets. 

    What are bubble waffles?

    Bubble waffles, translated into Polish, are a culinary hit in recent years that first appeared in Hong Kong, gradually gaining popularity among sweet lovers worldwide, including in our country. Waffles are prepared in specially adapted bubble waffle makers using a special dough in such a way that characteristic bubbles form on the waffles. They can be shaped only when they are still warm. They are most commonly filled with ice cream and whipped cream, sprinkles or fruit, but they are also suitable as an addition to meat and bacon, and also perfectly complement various sauces. 

    Bubble Waffle is a product typically "food truck", very often encountered on seasonal food truck festivals. To comfortably and hygienically enjoy these treats, it is necessary to use the paper cones available in our shop. We encourage you to place orders for our products.

  • Popcorn

    Popcorn is a popular snack made from roasted corn that is sold in movie theaters, at fairs, and in many restaurants and food trucks. It is also served to guests during corporate and private parties at home. To allow for convenient eating of popcorn, it must be served in special popcorn packaging, which is available in our wide range of options. We have packaging in different sizes, suitable for the weight of popcorn. You can choose popcorn boxes with patterns proposed by us or order goods with the graphic design indicated by you. Such a service is available from few suppliers of packaging for the food industry, so it is worth taking advantage of the opportunity.

    In our offer, we have colorful popcorn buckets that are very convenient and have an attractive appearance. Are you running a catering company and wondering about diversifying your gastronomic service? Or maybe you are organizing a birthday party for your children and looking for interesting gadgets for this special occasion? Order in our shop popcorn buckets with colorful patterns. They will surely appeal to your customers or guests. Buckets are also very often used as packaging for serving chicken. If you also sell such dishes or plan a party where they will be served, you may be interested in chicken buckets from our catalog.

    Choose a product from the Cornetdesign Shop or contact us if you want to order a packaging designed on the basis of an individual graphic design.  

  • Box

    The boxes in our assortment are perfect for serving sets of snacks like chicken, fries, nuggets, or something sweet like cheerios. Because they are closed with a paper flap, they allow for maintaining a warm temperature and prevent snacks from falling out during transport to the customer. The box packaging has holes that prevent steaming and keep the meal fresh and crispy for longer.

    We offer boxes with a flap type box in the following colors:

    • White cardboard without printing
    • Take Away in RETRO color scheme;
    • Brown, eco-friendly Kraft cardboard - packaging without printing.

    Eco-friendly boxes are increasingly being chosen by customers and packaging suppliers for the catering industry due to increasing environmental awareness among society and European Union recommendations regarding the use of environmentally friendly materials in production.

    If you are interested in this offer, please contact us or make a purchase through our online store. We guarantee attractive prices and fast order fulfillment.


    In our assortment, we have cardboard chicken buckets, fries, and many other takeout dishes in the form of fast food. We sell buckets with ready-made prints or individual graphics. These buckets are durable and at the same time have an aesthetic appearance that will help owners of catering companies and food establishments stand out from the competition in the gastronomic market. Paper packaging does not negatively affect the taste of the products. Chickens can also be served in specially designed, closing boxes that we sell. We have also prepared an offer for customers who value ecological solutions - in the Cornetdesign Shop, you can buy buckets made of brown Eko Kraft cardboard. We also offer buckets made of white cardboard>

    Bucket lids

    We propose open and closed versions of the buckets. To keep chicken wings, nuggets, fries, and other dishes at the appropriate temperature, it is worth closing the packaging with bucket lids, which are also available in our sales catalog..

    Order now colorful buckets from the Cornetdesign Shop online store, which are a hit at many social, outdoor, and corporate events. We allow you to choose from boxes in different quantities and with different capacities.

  • Tortilla

    Disposable tortilla packaging is the perfect solution for restaurants offering take-out, delivery and on-site meals. Made of high-quality cardboard, the packaging is durable and lightweight, making it easy to transport and store the dish. The packaging is also printable, allowing you to personalize your product and make your tortilla look even more appetizing.

    If you're looking for a tried-and-true solution for packaging tortillas for takeout, printed disposable cardboard packaging is an excellent choice. Whether you're serving food on-site, for delivery, or just for take-out, the packaging will work perfectly for your food service establishment.

  • Crepe

    A pancake tray is a triangular packaging made of GC2 cardboard, intended for contact with food. It is available in several colors, including kraft, Cornet, and with individual printing. The tray is lightweight, durable, and easy to use, and its triangular shape allows for easy and aesthetic packaging of pancakes. It can be used for both transportation and serving pancakes in various locations. It is a practical and eco-friendly solution for anyone who wants to provide their customers with delicious and aesthetically pleasing pancakes.

  • Paper Food trays

    We sell paper trays that can be used to serve both meals, dishes, and snacks. The trays are made of stiff cardboard, which is stable and prevents food from slipping out of your hands. You can buy food trays in different quantities, standard and with individual prints on the outside, proposed by you. We also offer small plastic trays..

    Where can food trays be used?

    Food trays are used as plates in restaurants, street food venues, kebab stands, etc. They are also often ordered by catering companies, for whom it is a cheap way to serve their dishes to customers. The trays are served among others:;

    - fries - alone or as an addition to fish or meat dishes;


    -kebabs on a plate with side dishes, fries, and sauces;

    -baked dishes - we also sell trays in the form of gutters for these dishes;


    We encourage you to take advantage of our offer for packaging for the catering industry. Now, through our online store, you can order the products that interest you. We also provide transport services - domestic and international.

  • Paper Food Boats

    Ridge-shaped trays are an eco-friendly and convenient solution for serving food at various events and gatherings. They are made from paper, making them lightweight and easy to transport.

    They are perfect for serving food such as fries, nuggets, pasta dishes, sausages, and other savory or sweet snacks.

    They are disposable, which means they can be easily thrown away after use, making them more hygienic than using traditional plates. Ridge-shaped trays are also suitable for those looking to reduce their impact on the environment as they are biodegradable. They come in various sizes and shapes, allowing them to be tailored to different needs.

    In addition to available sizes, you can create a custom size tray and have it printed with a custom design provided by our graphic designers.

  • panini trays sandwich
  • Lunchbox

    The Happy Meal packaging is an elegant and practical solution for food outlets and restaurants that offer fast food kits. Made of durable GC2 cardboard, the packaging is simple and quick to assemble, and has a practical handle that makes it easy to transport and carry food for delivery. The option of custom printing allows you to customize the packaging to suit your needs and preferences. We make Happy Meal packaging in several sizes on white or brown Kraft cardboard.

  • Hamburger

    In our store you can buy resealable boxes for burgers, cheerios, fries and other fast food takeaway dishes. We offer ECO cardboard burger boxes, white, but we also carry out individual orders for packaging dimensions as well as colors If the customer has not found boxes of a specific size, we will provide him with one that will be sized to fit the product. Boxes will diversify your catering service, providing an alternative to, for example, cones for fries, cardboard trays or buckets


    Our embossed paper trays are ideal for anyone looking for an environmentally friendly way to store and transport products. They are perfect as packaging for delivery of ready-made, take-out and frozen meals.


    The trays are waterproof, which means that they will be perfect for products that may be slightly greasy. They can also be used for freezing and then reheating in the oven or microwave, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.


    It's also worth noting that our trays are biodegradable, which means they don't burden the environment after use. They are available in three color options: white, black and custom imprinted. They can also be ordered in single-chamber, double-chamber or triple-chamber versions, so you can tailor them to your individual needs.


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  • China BOX

    Explore our diverse category of China Box packaging, perfect for serving dishes such as pasta, rice, or kebabs. Our packaging offers the option of custom printing, available on white cardboard or in an eco-friendly (ECO) version. Available in capacities of 500ml or 750ml, providing ample space for various dishes.

    The sturdy design of the resealable boxes makes them practical and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, the boxes are coated with a film that protects against leakage, making them ideal for dishes with sauce or hot meals. Choose our China Box packaging to highlight the uniqueness of your culinary offerings. Order today and customize them to meet your needs, providing customers with a unique takeaway dining experience.

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