Fries cones

It is hard to find people who don't like fries - easy to prepare and at the same time very tasty treats made of potatoes, which conquered the hearts of many fast food lovers around the world. That's why many food establishments offer fries as an addition to other dishes or as a standalone dish. If you run a pub, restaurant, or are the owner of a street food stand that sells fries, order cardboard cones for fries in our shop. Thanks to these convenient packaging, you will be able to serve your customers your delicious dishes. Our cones are suitable for various types of fries: regular, simple, crinkled, increasingly popular Belgian fries and sweet potatoes fries as well as churros and chicken nuggets. These packaging are not only multifunctional but also handy and durable as they are made of stiff cardboard GC with a food contact certification. 

Cones with or without sauce in different sizes

What sets us apart from our competitors in this industry is the sale of both cones without sauce cups and cones with special sauce cups. This is an interesting option for food establishments that offer customers fries with added ketchup, mustard or fry sauce. The customer can comfortably dip their fries while the packaging remains clean from sauce. Additionally, we have cones in various colors and sizes that correspond to the weight of fries:

  • 200 ml. - for around 100g of fries
  • 350 ml - for around 150g to 200g of fries
  • 500 ml - for around 300g of fries
  • 900 ml - for around 500g of fries

You can buy cones with many templates designs from us, but you can also order a product with an individual print that you've proposed and sent to us. You can also serve fries on paper trays that are available in our selection. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you enhance your business. 

Paper cones for fries - disposable packaging for street food and catering


  • Fries with dip

    A French fry cone is a disposable packaging in the form of a cone, which is used to serve and serve Belgian fries. The cone is designed with an additional space for sauce or dip, which allows for convenient eating of fries with additions. The cone is made of cardboard, making it lightweight and easy to use. It can be used in various food establishments, such as food trucks or fries stands. The French fry cone is a practical and aesthetic solution for people who like to eat fries

    French fry packaging available in several sizes and various colors or with your own print

  • French fries without dip

    A fries cone is a disposable packaging in the form of a cone, which is used for storing and serving Belgian fries, cheerios and other snacks. The cone is made of GC2 cardboard, which makes it lightweight, fat-proof and easy to use. It can be used in various food establishments, such as food trucks or fry stands. The fries cone is a practical and aesthetic solution for those who enjoy eating fries in a convenient way.

  • Cones with a flat bottom

    A cone for fries with a flat bottom is a disposable packaging designed for serving Belgian fries or other snacks. The packaging features a dip holder, sauce compartment, and a flat base, allowing the fries cone to be safely placed. The cone is made from sturdy cardboard and is fully eco-friendly. With a capacity of 500ml, the packaging can hold a generous portion of fries weighing 400-500g. In addition to pre-designed prints, the option of creating your own personalized print is available.

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