Paper Food trays

We sell paper trays that can be used to serve both meals, dishes, and snacks. The trays are made of stiff cardboard, which is stable and prevents food from slipping out of your hands. You can buy food trays in different quantities, standard and with individual prints on the outside, proposed by you. We also offer small plastic trays..

Where can food trays be used?

Food trays are used as plates in restaurants, street food venues, kebab stands, etc. They are also often ordered by catering companies, for whom it is a cheap way to serve their dishes to customers. The trays are served among others:;

- fries - alone or as an addition to fish or meat dishes;


-kebabs on a plate with side dishes, fries, and sauces;

-baked dishes - we also sell trays in the form of gutters for these dishes;


We encourage you to take advantage of our offer for packaging for the catering industry. Now, through our online store, you can order the products that interest you. We also provide transport services - domestic and international.

Paper Trays - Perfect for Serving Food in Restaurants and Street Food Venues

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