Bubble Waffle cones

Firms in the catering industry are increasingly ordering paper cones for bubble waffles in our shop. These are the best and most convenient packaging for serving customers in pastry shops and catering establishments known as bubble waffles. We provide the opportunity to buy bubble waffle cones with ready-made printing or indicated and provided by the customer. The cones are made of stiff and durable GC cardboard, which has a certificate allowing the product to come into contact with food. In our store, you can also order fries cones, ice cream cones, and cones for many other sweets. 

What are bubble waffles?

Bubble waffles, translated into Polish, are a culinary hit in recent years that first appeared in Hong Kong, gradually gaining popularity among sweet lovers worldwide, including in our country. Waffles are prepared in specially adapted bubble waffle makers using a special dough in such a way that characteristic bubbles form on the waffles. They can be shaped only when they are still warm. They are most commonly filled with ice cream and whipped cream, sprinkles or fruit, but they are also suitable as an addition to meat and bacon, and also perfectly complement various sauces. 

Bubble Waffle is a product typically "food truck", very often encountered on seasonal food truck festivals. To comfortably and hygienically enjoy these treats, it is necessary to use the paper cones available in our shop. We encourage you to place orders for our products.

Bubble Waffle cones - the best packaging for bubble waffles

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