Bubble Waffle 'Lollipops' Cones 350ml - 500pcs. Bubble waffle cones - 1
  • Bubble Waffle 'Lollipops' Cones 350ml - 500pcs. Bubble waffle cones - 1
  • Bubble Waffle 'Lollipops' Cones 350ml - 500pcs. Bubble waffle cones - 1
  • Bubble Waffle 'Lollipops' Cones 350ml - 500pcs. Bubble waffle cones - 1
  • Bubble Waffle 'Lollipops' Cones 350ml - 500pcs. Bubble waffle cones - 1

Bubble Waffle 'Lollipops' Cones 350ml - 500pcs. Bubble waffle cones

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Perfect packaging for serving takeaway bubble waffles, also known as Bubble Waffels. This delicious dessert is best presented in single-use packaging in the form of a sturdy cardboard cone. Convenient for holding and simultaneously very aesthetic, which will make your waffles look nice. If you own a restaurant, ice cream parlor, or any other food establishment where you offer waffles, this presented packaging is the best choice.

Packaging for waffles with ready-made "LIZAKI" graphics.

The cones are designed to fit the standard dimensions of waffles most commonly found in the market.

If you need your own graphics, which we can prepare for you, click here.





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Single-Use Packaging for Bubble Waffles "LIZAKI"

Are you looking for the perfect packaging to serve your delicious bubble waffles, also known as Bubble Waffels, for takeout?

Here is the solution that will meet your expectations! Our "LIZAKI" packaging is an excellent choice for restaurant owners, ice cream parlors, and gastronomic establishments offering these unique treats. Why should you opt for our packaging?

1. Aesthetic Design: Our packaging is not only practical but also elegant. It is made from cardboard with a weight of 205-215 G/m2, ensuring its durability and sturdiness. This will make your bubble waffles look exceptionally delicious.

2. User-Friendly: "LIZAKI" packaging is designed with convenience in mind. Its shape resembles a sturdy cone, which fits perfectly in your hand while providing stability when serving waffles.

3. Ready-Made "LIZAKI" Graphics: If you want to stand out from the competition, we offer ready-made "LIZAKI" graphics. It's an excellent solution for those who value the unique appearance of their product.

4. Offset Printing and Protective Varnish: Our packaging is printed using offset technology, ensuring high-quality printing and impeccable color reproduction. Additionally, the applied protective varnish makes the packaging resistant to moisture and helps maintain its appearance over time.

5. Designed for Standard Dimensions: These cones are designed to accommodate standard waffle dimensions commonly found on the market. This means that your Bubble Waffels will easily fit inside.

If you want your dessert to not only be delicious but also visually appealing, our "LIZAKI" packaging is exactly what you need. Packaged flat with 50 pieces per bundle, they are easy to store and convenient to use.

For your convenience, we offer them in full CMYK color, providing ample customization possibilities. If you need larger quantities, no problem! The maximum quantity of cartons per shipment is 31 kg, equivalent to 6 sets or 3000 pieces of packaging.

Our packaging also meets food contact safety standards, ensuring that your product remains completely safe for your customers.

Choose quality, aesthetics, and functionality. Choose "LIZAKI" packaging and ensure that your bubble waffles impress not only with taste but also with appearance!


Data sheet

Intended use
bubble waffle
Packaged in carton
flat in elastic band of 50 pieces
Maximum number of packages in one package up to 31
6 sets - 3000 pcs.
Type of printing
offset printing + varnish to protect the print
Color scheme
printing - full color
Series of packaging
Karton GC2
Paper weight
205 - 215 G/m2
Suitable for contact with food

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